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Artist Spotlight: David Ryden

We’re about to make a bold statement: David Ryden‘s art has universal appeal. His unique, abstract impressionist paintings are loved by everyone from wildlife enthusiasts to a child’s innocent yet wholesome eye. With simple backgrounds and colorful, direct, and always inspiring subject matters, a work by Ryden looks great anywhere. Need a piece of art to fill that blank wall space above your fireplace or in your son’s bedroom? With a wide allure like this, you can imagine that these babies go fast! Come on in and choose one before it runs away! The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition is taking place next weekend, February 13-15! Stop by the gallery and make one of Ryden’s wild and furry friends your own.

“Smirk,” $3900


“Wow and Flutter,” $2800

Wow & Flutter by David Ryden

“Hey You” $3400

Hey You by David Ryden

“Splash,” $1200

Splash by David Ryden

“Bozeman,” $1200

Bozeman by David Ryden

“Hey Jude,” $3600

Hey Jude by David Ryden

“Gray Blob, a manatee”  $1500

Gray Blob by David Ryden

“Cody” $975

Cody by David Ryden

“Prince” $1400

David Ryden Prince 24 x 24

“Luanda” $1200

Luanda oil on canvas cheetah David Ryden Charleston, SC

“Crumbles” $4800

Crumbles oil on canvas dog David Ryden Charleston, SC

See you next weekend for our Southeastern Wildlife Exposition celebration of all things wild! Open daily – 438 King Street, Charleston.


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