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Artist Spotlight: Hirona Matsuda

In celebration of Hirona Matsuda’s birthday on Monday, now is the perfect time to highlight the works of this very unique artist. Taking found goods that catch her eye from the streets of Charleston, Hirona manipulates them into collages that convey  visual messages. Her pieces combine the worlds of art and engineering as many of her works have functioning and moving parts. Hirona’s ability to find beauty in the disposable and forgotten is a part of what makes her so talented, and inspirational. Hirona’s framed contraptions invite us inside the miniature world she has created, or encourage us to decipher meaning for ourselves.

The World As It Is To Me; mixed media, 12 x 12; $750


Underneath it All; mixed media, 9.5 x 14, $350


Piano; assemblage on panel 33 x 48, $3400


Tree House in Pieces; mixed media sculpture 21 x 10, $575



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