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Creating a Gallery Wall

We love the idea of creating a personal gallery wall in your home. Whether it’s in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, office space or even bathroom, the creative opportunities are endless.

Start by finding the ideal location. Look for areas in your house that are not too cluttered. If you have a large wall, try working from the ceiling to the floor. If you don’t want to use the whole wall, pick a piece of furniture like a couch or console table to “anchor” the gallery. Each space is different, the arrangement should respond to your surroundings.


Some tips to use after you find the perfect location:

First, stick to a general color scheme. Using a group of assorted frames in similar colors or styles allows you to combine them in interesting ways but also provides unity.

Mix the shapes and sizes of your paintings, prints or photographs. Offsetting images can give variety or bring attention to a central object.


If you have similar sized artwork, hang them in a straight line over an “anchoring” object… but spice up the wall’s feel by adding objects below.

Make it interesting by using household objects with color repetition and shapes that play off of the wall’s decor.


Its always a good approach when arranging a smaller wall to use odd numbers or the “rule of three”. Odd numbers are generally more appealing and attract the eye. They can be arranged symmetrically for an ordered approach or for a more causal look, asymmetrically.


Mix it up! Use paintings, drawings, and photographs, sculpture, animals – if it’s cool, make it work!

Don’t be afraid to throw in that quirky thing you picked up at a flea market in Nebraska or Paris. A gallery wall is a reflection of you and your art collection.


A good gallery wall should be able to grow and expand as your collection does!


Remember to lay it out before you hang. Nothing is permanent. Change it up as your mood takes you; be creative. Remember, putty fills holes so don’t be afraid to make a mistake!



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