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Susan Colwell was born in North Carolina, the eldest of three girls, and moved to Ohio at an early age.  Always drawing, Susan was enrolled in classes at the Toledo Museum of Art at the age of six. She had her first solo exhibition at a Toledo art gallery as a teenager.

While in high school, her family moved to Switzerland.  Nearly every weekend, the family traveled throughout Europe and there her love of art was cemented.  Susan earned her BFA in painting from Miami University in Ohio. She has worked as an artist in an advertising agency and co-founded Gallery 12.  She has lived in Indiana and Rochester, NY, working as a social worker and always painting, and now resides in Charleston.  The smell of pfluff mud is in her blood, so it seems only natural for Susan to seek refuge in the south.

“I am moved by the ever-changing light and atmosphere in the Lowcountry and I strive to recreate the feeling or mood of a place or moment.  The subtleties of light, reflections on the water, and the softness I see and feel in the landscape greatly influence me.  The subject is never foremost in my mind…it is always about the feeling.  Many times a painting begins with a rich color and it simply evolves on its own and I seem to be just a part of the process, a process that is ongoing and never complete.”

Large, loose impetuous strokes and juicy color typify Susan’s abstract-impressionist oil paintings. “I try to recapture my feelings about a place by using color and form, producing a presence of space, mood, and light.”

Neon Glow oil on canvas landscape Susal Colwell Charleston, SC

Neon Glow

oil on canvas 6 x 6



Kaleidoscope I by Susan Colwell

Kaleidoscope I

oil on canvas 10 x 10


Kaleidoscope II by Susan Colwell

Kaleidoscope II

oil on canvas 10 x 10


Kaleidoscope III by Susan Colwell

Kaleidoscope III

oil on canvas 10 x 10


Kaleidoscope IV by Susan Colwell

Kaleidoscope IV 

oil on canvas 10 x 10


Pink Lemonade Day

oil on canvas 16 x 16


Carolina Study I 

oil on canvas 12 x 16


Carolina Study III 

oil on canvas 14 x 11


Summer Serenity by Susan Colwell

Summer Serenity 

oil on canvas 36 x 48


watermelon sky I&II 66x28

Watermelon Sky I & II


oil on canvas 66 x 28 each


Chasing the Dream III by Susan Colwell

Chasing the Dream III

oil on canvas 28 x 22 unframed, 32 x 26 framed


Butterscotch Mist

Butterscotch Mist 

oil on canvas 50 x 35


photo 2

 A Glass of Pinot Noir, Please 

oil on canvas 28 x 64


photo 3

Meandering Muse 

oil on canvas 51 x 43


Blue Mystique by Susan Colwell

Blue Mystique 

oil on canvas 44 x 32


Daydreams at Dawn by Susan Colwell

Daydreams at Dawn 

oil on canvas 16 x 16 (framed)


Just Plain Mellow by Susan Colwell

Just Plain Mellow 

oil on canvas 16 x 20


Private Places II by Susan Colwell

Private Places II

oil on canvas 20 x 16


simply blue 24x24

Simply Blue 

oil on canvas 24 x 24 (framed)


private places III 20x16

Private Places III

oil on canvas 20 x 16


private places x 24x18

Private Places X

oil on canvas 24 x 18


quietude II 36x24

Quietude II

oil on canvas 36 x 24


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