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Collagist Philip Durst charleston scA contemporary collagist, Philip Durst is drawn to pattern and repetition, much like a quilter. He works from materials that have been cast-off or designed for other purposes including but not limited to paint chips, old books, and candy packaging. Fascinated by the amount of design that goes into discarded packaging, Durst brings new life to his materials by repurposing them for his large-scale collages. Through scrupulous attention to process, design, and execution, Durst assembles many small pieces that create an effect that is greater than its components. In addition to being an artist, Durst practices employment and civil rights law in Austin, Texas and has been an adjunct law professor since 1999.


The Final Delinquescence of the Baroque collage LaCroix glue acryllic Philip Durst Charleston, SC

The Final Deliquescence of the Baroque

LaCroix packaging, glue, acrylic  37.5 x 37.5


Brutal Opposition of all Systems law books packaging wallpaper paste Philip Durst Charleston,SC

Brutal Opposition of all Systems

law books, packaging, wallpaper paste 38. 5 x 32.5 framed


1000 Origami Stars wrappers paper law books Philip Durst Charleston, SC

1000 Origami Stars

wrappers, paper, lawbooks 20 x 16


Meringue I by Phil Durst

Meringue I

law books, acrylic, wallpaper paste  41.5 x 33 framed


What Killed My Parents by Phil Durst

What Killed My Parents II

Raleigh Cigarette coupons, embroidery thread, nails 42 x 33 framed


Carry The News by Phil Durst

Carry The News

law books, Starbuck cups, wallpaper paste 43.5 x 31.5


Cathedral Souffle by Phil Durst

Cathedral Souffle 

law books, packaging, wallpaper paste, condiment cups 46 x 37 framed


Mexico City Triangles by Phil Durst

Mexico City Triangles 

law books, paint swatches, paper 33 x 25 framed


No Moral Judgement Stands Alone

No Moral Judgement Stands Alone III

condiment cups, colored paper, law books, glue  41.5 x 33.5 framed


Spoons III by Phil Durst

Spoons III

spoons, colored paper, law books 42 x 33 framed


Starbucks Tootsie by Phil Durst

Starbucks Tootsie

Starbuck cups, Tootsie pop wrappers, law book 33 x 33 framed


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